Were you or a loved one ever talked about on GOMI? If so, this page is for you. For over nine months, GOMI and it’s members harassed, stalked and trolled a great number of Kinja users, and they hit everybody. From teenagers like St. Liz and Miss Mercedes to seniors like Chritter. Men, women, transgender, black or white it didn’t really matter to them. They also went after head mods like Sorcia, Snacktastic and Empress.

My story on GOMI goes a little something like this: I was personally mentioned about 7 0r 8 times. Which is nothing compared to a lot of other people. They made fun of my writing and a few comments that I had made on GT. I was completely mortified. What’s worse is that every time GOMI brought my name up, I would have 4-5 burners follow me around on Kinja that day to tell me to “die in a fire” or “get off the internet.” Because of this, I started to have panic attacks. I stopped writing and commenting on GT. I would check GOMI obsessively to see if my name was discussed that day. I would even get up in the middle of the night to check.


I also wondered where GOMI was getting all of it’s information from? Over the years, I had corresponded with a few GT members through email. I told a few of them my first name and where I lived and what I did for a living. I was now freaked out that these people were associated with GOMI. That Mazel person literally new everything about GT. She was a walking GT encyclopedia. She knew every fight and every drama that had ever happened. Once the IP doxxing started, I stopped clicking all links and attachments throughout Kinja.

Since GOMI has closed, I’m feeling much better. I’m not as anxious and I’m sleeping more soundly. I’m starting to comment on GT again and do not have anymore trolls following me around. However, I heard rumors that GOMI has moved on to a different board? Also, besides one obvious person, we really don’t know who these GOMI people were? I’m sure most of them are back on GT. I cannot tell if GOMI was a whole network of filth or just a few crazy individuals?


I’m harboring a lot of resentment towards the people that defended GOMI: Lannister Handjob, St. Ridley Santos, tasteofthebitchpudding, Beatrice Swan etc. How could anyone defend this kind of behavior? Also, why did the Kinja mods turn a blind eye to all of this? I heard that many users left Kinja because of all the GOMI antics. This had to be bad for business.

I know some of you will be angry that I started this page. However, I could not keep this bottled up any longer. I thought about therapy, but I don’t have the time right now for it. I can’t imagine why some of you want to pretend like none of this ever happened? What if it happens again? We need to be more prepared and have a game plan. If you would like to talk about your personal experience with GOMI, please feel free. Or, if you don’t, that’s okay, too.

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